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Our MVP delivery teams specialize in crafting and launching effective, modern web and mobile applications. All within a short timeframe and a fixed-price, taking the guesswork and risk out of the equation. We're not here to overpower your narrative, but to enable you to narrate it better. You're on the path to success; we're here to ensure you reach there efficiently. Get started with us today and witness your ideas come to life.

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MVP Development

Don’t let complexity hold your business back

In todays, fast-paced world, the absence of delivering new products fast could give your competitors an edge, enabling them to seize market share with better-timed, more responsive solutions. It's not just about delivering top-tier products anymore — it's about achieving that while managing strict timelines and keeping costs predictable. We understand the struggle, the stress, and the uncertainty it brings. We are committed to empowering you to overcome these hurdles, transforming your challenges into achievements.

Enjoy the Perks of working with our MVP Teams

When you choose working with one of our MVP development teams, you unlock:


Predictable Costs

Enjoy budget transparency with out fixed-price MVPs that minimize financial uncertainty.


Fast Feedback

Mitigate product failure risks with an MVP, allowing market testing before full product launch.


Quick Market Entry

You benefit from a faster go-to-market strategy, keeping you ahead in the rapidly evolving tech space, and ensuring you stay competitive.


User-centric Development

Our MVP teams ensure that the end product aligns well with customer needs and preferences. This leads to increased customer loyalty and a better product-market fit.


Foundation for Growth

With ready-to-scale solutions, we create a robust foundation for your future expansion and growth.


Immediate Productivity

Our specialized MVP teams are prepared and primed to hit the ground running from day one.

Guiding your Success

At &amp, we deeply understand the challenges of bringing a software product to market. We care about your struggles, and we genuinely empathize with the obstacles in your path, the balance you need to strike between speed, quality, and cost. This understanding shapes our mission: to make software delivery seamless for you. Our expertise is backed by numerous successful projects, satisfied clients, and industry certifications. You can rely on us, as countless others have, to navigate the journey ahead.

Paper boat

Shipped 11 MVPs last year.

Azure Solutions Architect Badge

Azure Solutions Architect


2.5 months avg. start to launch time

Driven by Empathy and Expertise

We at &amp, view our customers as partners. We've been in your shoes, dealing with the same challenges you face. This shared experience builds a common understanding that fuels our drive to deliver exceptional service. With us, you're not just investing in a service, you're gaining a partner who is committed to your success.

Your 3-step Journey with &amp

01 |  Consult

Get in touch with us to get first-hand technical input to your idea.

02 |  Develop

We iteratively sketch, craft, and ship your MVP to deliver results fast.

03 |  Scale

We provide ongoing support and maintenance to ensure your MVP performs at its best. Together, we refine and grow your application.

Overcoming Hurdles with &amp

The road to delivering a digital product can be filled with uncertainties and bottlenecks. We understand that, and that's why &amp is here to redefine that journey. Imagine a path where time and cost uncertainties are eliminated. Visualize the swift, successful launch of a robust MVP. That's the success story we help you write. Objections around communication, project management, or team effectiveness? We've covered all of that with our well-coordinated, bilingual (English & German) team, based in Vienna, ready to make your vision a reality.

Connect with Our Technical Engineers Today

Take the first step toward your software development success.

Get in touch with one of our technical engineers and learn more about how we can make your project a success. This step not only gives you insights into our process but also brings you closer to your goal: an efficiently delivered, high-quality MVP.