This offer is aimed at software engineers who are almost finished with their studies. You need one semester to finish a few courses? You need a couple of days a week to work on your master thesis? Start working at &amp and get paid to finish your studies. You get a full-time salary and still can use 40% of your working time for your studies.

Studying but eager to work?
Get paid to study.

A real salary

While finishing your studies you will get a real salary between 38k and 41k euros a year. How much you can exactly earn, depends on your personal and professional skills.

40% study time

Despite the real salary, you can use 40% of your working hours to complete your studies. Not in the evening, not in between, but when it is best for you.

All the other employee offers

In addition to the paid time to study, you will enjoy all the advantages that everyone enjoys at &amp. This includes a free bike, a fancy office and pet project time as soon as you finished your studies and many more perks and benefits.

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