At &amp you are building MVPs or products in autonomous teams. On top of that, it is important to us that you have the opportunity to continuously improve your personal skills. No matter whether you create IoT applications in your Pet Project Time, visit conferences or build MVPs with cutting-edge technologies, at &amp you definitely don't get bored. Besides sketching, crafting and shipping software, you will be encouraged to shape our company’s culture and community by sharing knowledge in brown bag sessions, being part of our buddy program or contributing to our Code of Conduct.

What you can expect
Time to grow together.

Competitive salary

We value your work and will always pay you accordingly. You'll get a market competitive salary based on your skill level. If you want, you can become a Principal Engineer and participate at &amp's success even more.

Free bike or public transport ticket

We love to ride the bike. It's good for the environment, keeps you healthy and makes you happy. We want to share our passion with the world. However, if you already have a bike or don't want a bike, we'll buy you a public transport ticket.

MacBook or Thinkpad

As one of a software engineer's most important tools, we will always keep you up to date with a state-of-the-art MacBook or Thinkpad. Your tool, your choice!

2 weeks pet project time a year

Improving, learning and developing our social and professional skills is as important to us as sketching, crafting and shipping software. Use your pet project time to build a self-driving RC car, extend your smart home or simply read a book every Friday for a couple of weeks. Best thing? We'll even pay for your gadgets, tools and books.

Choose your workplace

You are free to frequently work from wherever you work best, no matter if that's your kitchen, forest hut or the library. However, be prepared to have workshops, meetings and many productive hours in our super modern office in the heart of Vienna.

Transparent career path

At &amp the best people, not the people who manage to attract the most attention, get promoted. We clearly define and communicate skill levels for your career. You will know at any point how to reach the next level and you will never be dependent on anybody's goodwill.

Current job offers

&amp Graduation Scholarship

Almost finished your studies? You need one semester to finish a few courses or to finish your master thesis? Start working at &amp and get paid to finish your studies. You get a full-time salary for one semester and still can use 40% of your working time for your studies.

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&amp Engineer

Just writing code is not enough for you? You are a craftsperson who wants to create usable, reliable and secure software which is fun to use? In that case this job posting is perfect for you!

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&amp Senior Engineer

You already wrapped your head around hundreds of software engineering problems? You are a teamplayer and are always trying to enable your peers? In that case this job posting is perfect for you!

Find out more about your future as an &amp Senior Engineer

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We are hiring!

We are always looking for passionate people that enrich our team. Why don't you come around for a cup of coffee and get to know us better?

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