The world is changing fast. Businesses need to innovate to always stay on top. By using the right technologies, we are able to sketch, craft and ship MVPs in a fixed time to identify and capitalise on business opportunities fast.

There is no need to wait for months or years to get results in software development. Within a few weeks, we will build an initial product that your users will love. We will concentrate on building the core features of your idea. In this way, we can deliver fast and you will be able to evaluate the potential business value even faster.

You know what’s best? The product will be scalable and extensible from day 1. And if you want to delight your users with additional features, we can add them step by step.

Don't believe mere words? See for yourself how your MVP could look like!

Setting the Scope & EventStorming
Wireframes & mock-ups
Laying the groundwork
Implementing key features
Finishing the product
Build & package the product
Handing over the product


From idea to execution plan.
1 week
Business Goals
User Personas
Scope definition
User-Story Mapping
Technical Architecture
Layout Wireframes

In the sketch stage we will elaborate your idea to a dedicated execution plan. We will define the scope of the product by aligning our goals and by setting boundaries. In a workshop, we will work together by using the EventStorming session format to collaboratively explore the business domain and the individual needs of each stakeholder to maximise positive outcomes to every party involved.

In a next step, our user experience experts will start creating wireframes and first mock-ups to create an initial look and feel of the product. Simultaneously, our experienced engineers will develop a suitable and flexible architecture and development stack that is compatible with your existing tech landscape.


Develop, implement and test.
6-8 weeks
UI/UX Mockups
Custom application
Source Code
Automated tests
Technical documentation

Let’s get our hands dirty! We love the feeling of writing the first lines of code at a new project. Our developers will start to implement user story by user story. Headphones, good music and some coffee will help them to stay focused and to achieve the best results.

Step by step you can see how your idea will come to life. In short feedback loops, you will see how previously defined user stories became real. We will iteratively improve your product until it reaches the desired state.


Launch and scale.
1 week
Running application
Domain transfer
Knowledge transfer
Analysis of User activity
Acceptance testing

It’s time to get your product to production. In this stage, we will package, deploy and monitor the final product. We will perform tests against EventStorming scenarios to make sure that everything works as desired.

We will hand over the product to you. For us, handing over the product means more than shipping the product. We will handover a precise documentation and transfer our knowledge to your experts. You don’t have to be afraid of that step and everything that comes after. If you want, we will be there for you in future to further extend or maintain your product.

Example of our work

Building the Digital Notary

Would you like to get a taste of what your future product could look like? Check out this case study of a product we built called Digitales Notariat. In just 8 weeks a system was engineered that allows notaries to carry out their services online. Take a look at what our process looks like in practice, from sketching to finished product.

Check it out!

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